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We repair and service the following electronic equipment.

  • Games Consoles
  • Computers
  • Mobile Phones (Mobile Phone Repairs & Unlocking)
  • Tablets - iPad / Kindle Fire etc.
  • Car Audio (Car Audio Repairs & Decoding)
  • Sat-Nav
  • Car Keyfobs
  • Audio / Video Equipment
  • GHD Hair Straighteners

 Other Services.

       Video Transfers
  • Video Tape to DVD
  • Video Tape to mp4 File
  • Video Tape to USB Drive
  • Video Tape to Download link
When we digitize your old video tapes, you can then play them on modern equipment and share the new digital video file with friends and family.
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What else do we repair?                            

If you have something other than what's on our services list, please ask, and we may have a look at it for you. Over the years we have repaired many unusual items. Some examples include, Random Printed Circuit boards, Toys, Xmas Decorations, Car Modules, Musical instruments etc.

Note: We don't repair Tv's or 'White Goods', (Washing machines, fridge freezers) etc. We can put you in touch with a local company for these services.

Please see below for details about our services. Click on the green icons for more info.
games console repairs games console repairs

Games Console Repairs.

We repair games consoles, including...
  • Xbox One / Series S/X
  • PS4 / PS5 
  • Nintendo (SWITCH, DS, WiiU)

computer repairs

computer repairs

Laptop / Desktop Computer Repairs. 

We repair hardware and software faults on your computer, anything from broken screen replacement to virus removal can be done at our workshop. PC's and other computer equipment are also repaired. 



mobile phone repairs

Mobile Phone Repairs and Unlocking.

All makes and models repaired, LCD screens, Touch screen digitizers and Speakers are common repairs done to mobile phones.

Mobile phone unlocking can be done while-u-wait at our workshop. We have the latest unlocking tools for most mobile phones and our software is upgraded constantly to cover new models.

samsung phone

ipad tablet repairs

iPad/Tablet Repairs.

Most tablet repairs, tend to be screen replacements, damaged charge ports or Firmware problems.

We also repair iPhone, ipod, ipod touch etc.


car stereo repairs

Car Stereo Repairs.

Car radios, stereo tape players, CD players, amplifiers and most other in car entertainment (ICE) units are repaired at our workshop. 


Car Stereo Decoding.

We decode car stereos of all makes and models, some models can be decoded by serial number and sent to you by e-mail. 

satnav repairs

Sat-Nav Repairs.

TomTom, Navman and Garmin are the most common models we receive
, we repair all models of stand-alone sat-nav units.
Does you sat-nav cut off or fail to charge? The mini USB (charger) sockets often fail, batteries and power switches can also go faulty. Screens and touch screen digitizers are available for most models.

car keyfob repairs

Car Keyfob Repairs. 

New keyfobs can cost 100+ from main dealers, The most common fault are tactile switches.

If your lock or unlock button fails to operate, we can replace the faulty switch and even the housing if required.

We have batteries for most keyfobs in stock.

audio video repairs

Audio/Video Repairs

  • DVD Repairs
  • VCR Repairs
  • Media Player / Recorder Repairs
  • HI-Fi Repairs
  • CD / Tape RepairsCcC
  • Ipod / MP3 Repairs
  • Amplifier Repairs.


ghd repairs

GHD Repairs.

The mains cables on GHD Hair straighteners break at the end and cause the straighteners to cut off, this can leave dangerous exposed live wires. New cables can be fitted to recify this problem.

Ceramic heaters, thermal fuses and other components often fail.


 Other Services

video to dvd transfers

Video to DVD conversion.

We convert your old video tapes to DVD

Video tape recordings can deteriorate in quality over time, faulty Pinchrollers in video players can damage your tapes.
Avoid loosing your precious recordings forever, Radiowaves will copy the contents of your tape to a DVD.
This new digital copy can easily be duplicated to another disc or stored on your computer/external HDD.

video to dvd video to mp4
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