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We repair most types of audio / video equipment.

TV Repairs -

Flat screen TV's often develop faults with the power supply circuits, backlight inverters also fail, causing dark areas on the screen. 

We repair all makes and models of PLASMA/LCD TV's but not the older CRT (cathode ray tube) type. [More Details]

Audio Repairs -
We repair all types of domestic audio equipment, including...
  • Amplifiers
  • CD Players
  • Tape Players
  • Minidisc players/recorders
  • Record Players
  • Radios'
  • MP3 Players
  • Ipods
  • Car Audio
Audio Video cables and adapters are available at our shop.

DVD Repairs -
DVD Players are relatively inexpensive items, and are often uneconomical to repair. More expensive, branded models, including, recorders can be repaired and serviced.

VCR Repairs
Video Players / recorders are almost obsolete now that we have moved in to the digital age, modern VCR/DVD combo units and older units that parts are available for, can still be repaired at our workshop.

Video to DVD conversion. [Click Here]

Cable / Satellite / Freeview Box Repairs
If your set top box breaks down it can be expensive to repair/replace by the TV company, they often have a fixed cost of around 75.00 for a home visit.
We repair units from Virgin, Sky etc.
Power supply circuits often fail in set top boxes.

We don't repair buget Freeview boxes,
More expensive models, including, recorders can be repaired and serviced.




Other Audio / Video eqipment that is not on this list can be repaired at our workshop, call 01324 888818 (office hours) for any queries.

Images From Previous Repairs

   Amplifier / Sub Repair

amplifier repair

    Headphones Repair

Headphones Repair
   TV Power Supply Repair

tv psu repair